Villa M

About the project

The image of a two-story, residential building for a family of 6 people arose from the original idea of ​​a rock penetrating the interior. So on the ground floor, in the atrium, an accent element was a wall with a luxurious texture of natural stone whose total weight exceeds 15 tons. In the “body” of the rock was provided a wood fireplace which gives a special charm in the combination of stone and fire. In general, the interior was timeless thanks to natural materials, colors and textures.
The ground floor of the house has a simple living-dining room flowing smoothly into the kitchen. In the summer, the terrace that adjoins the kitchen becomes a dining room, with a separate barbecue area and a sofa group. On the first level, a nanny room, a children’s room with a separate bathroom, as well as a master bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom are also located. Technical rooms, spacious line by line, are also located on the ground floor of the house.
On the second floor there is a two-flight staircase made of concrete, wood and glass, under which live, indoor plants are planted under the floor level.
On the second level of the house there are two bedrooms with separate bathrooms and dressing rooms. Pleasant bonuses for the upper bedrooms are separate exits to the upper terraces.

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