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дизайн интерьера, архитектурное проектирование
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Design of interior of office

In our time a competent design of office is not only the guarantee of comfort working situation but also important imaginary constituent, influencing on prestige of organization. That is why an enormous value is spared today registration of office apartments, and the leaders of companies all more frequent apply for help in the specialized studios. A company Martin Architects offers to you professional services in creation of office interior.We avouch for the clients high quality of work, observance of the stipulated terms and individual going near every project. The design of interior of offices in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine is developed by us taking into account all architectural features of apartment, rules of ergonomics, modern tendencies in area of office design, and also all requirements and wishes of customer.

Development of design of office: important moments

A modern design of office apartments is whole science with the rules and conformities to law. We formulated some recommendations which can appear you useful at independent registration of interior of office.

Carefully think over space

In order that the labour productivity on an enterprise was high, every area of working territory must be used maximally effectively. There are two basic methods of finishing of offices – closed and opened (Open Space). The first variant implies a structure with separate cabinets and corridors, and in second case working space of one apartment is distributed on functional areas unassisted deaf sthenes.The office-corridor system was fixed in basis of all state institutions, and in our time companies with a linear-functional organizational structure give preference to such type of finishing. Style of Open Space came in our edges from Europe and is embodiment of the democratic going near managing a company. The opened design gives large possibilities for communication and allows more effective to use an area. Modern design a project of interior of office can be bold combination of both types of finishing, combining in itself advantages each of them.

You will be determined with style

Today development of design of office takes place within the framework one of two approaches – American or European. Both they are based on the opened type of planning, but substantially differ stylish execution. For the European offices the free mixing of styles is characteristic: for example, in one interior can harmoniously combine elements find-teca and Persian carpets. Americans aim strictly to follow principles of the chosen style without some rejections.

You will spare attention a colour gamut

Foremost the design of office must correspond corporate colors and logotype of company. In addition, it is well-proven that predominating colors render perceptible influence on the mental and emotional conditions of employees and clients. For example, green tints are instrumental in weakening and pacification, that allows visitors to feel comfort, yellow-orange tones are lifted by a mood and competitive spirit, and the brown promotes the self-feedback of personnel.

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