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дизайн интерьера, архитектурное проектирование
Игорь Мартин и Ольга Новикова - руководители студии


Architect and designer of interior Igor Martin and Olga Novikova promoted company Martin architects in 2006.

To date on the account of MARTIN architects planning of not only apartments and private houses in different architectural styles but also office, point-of-sale apartments, projects of hotels and other of large structures. In our command are the best designers of interior, designers, architects and engineers, able to incarnate in reality Your most bold ideas in the strictly stipulated terms!


Design of interiors from MARTIN Architects

As the most known designer of interiors said - a good design is visible at once, and an excellent design is unnoticeable. Our projects are so harmonious and conceptually integral, that every element of internal maid seems the inalienable detail of unique pazla. We work in all styles and directions, having regard to the wishes of customer and actual tendencies in area of inter'ernoy fashion.

Igor Martin and Olga Novikova, leaders of studio


Why is it needed to choose us?


A collaboration with our studio has a row of undeniable advantages, due to which we are chosen by not only Ukrainians but also habitants of near foreignness.


A design studio Martins Architects – is:


- Every our specialist is a skilled and certificated architect, designer of interior, engineer
- we render architectural services from 2006th
- there are about 100 projects of different complication and stylish orientation in our portfolio
- we guarantee quality of our projects. the best balance of our work is the realized project and satisfied client
- we watch after the last breathings in a design and apply these knowledges in the projects
- we ground a cost, but not set too high it coming from a middling market price after m2, as many designers of interior do in Kiev
- we render all spectrum of services: from planning to the turn-key construction and repair, that can offer not every designer of apartments
- we always remember about a budget and offer the different variants of decision of the put tasks
- we save your money, giving discounts on materials, furniture, light from our partners