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дизайн интерьера, архитектурное проектирование

Interior Design

and architectural design by МARTIN architects


"Design - it's not so much a profession as the attitude to life." It is with this approach starts each project architectural studio Martin Architects. By creating the interior design of an apartment or private home, restaurant or office, we strive to make the world more beautiful and harmonious, bring him fresh paint and non-trivial solutions. Our masters will not only use all the professional knowledge and experience, but also put his heart and soul into it. We offer an individual approach to the design of an object, given the landscape, geological and architectural features of the area and develop the design, taking into account the rules of ergonomics, global trends in the field of interior design, as well as all the requirements and wishes of the customer.


The interior design by studio MARTIN architects - from the idea to the complex implementation.

Not every interior design studio in Kiev to offer its customers a full range of services in architectural planning and design of buildings and facilities of any type. Our architectural firm is taken for the fulfillment of orders of any complexity and specificity, whether it is a small apartment in a high-rise building, a country house, a large business center and a chic hotel and restaurant complex.

Trust us, you can be sure that :

  • the project will work the best architects and designers, engineers and designers with specialized education and extensive professional experience
  • the order will be made strictly in the specified terms
  • we provide the full range of architectural design and interior design of any complexity in any point of Ukraine and outside its borders
  • the high level of 3d visualization, you will be able to see the finished interior design at the design stage
  • we will use high-quality construction and finishing materials, furniture products and accessories from reputable manufacturers;
  • we are working in all styles, but do not impose a single client, that accommodates us
Interior design is an art - the shell and the atmosphere of your room, the creation of which is trust us - the professionals!


Order a free rendering of the cost of the design project

Stages, structure and timing of a design project


1 phase

(2-3 days)
1. Drafting TOR for the design project, discussion of the indicative budget
2. Measurement drawing with bindings existing communications
3. Photofixation object
2-3 days
2 phase

(1 Week)
1. Variants of arrangement of furniture
2. dismantling plan (if necessary)
3. Plan installation. structure
1 Week
3 phase

(2-3 days)
statement 1. Harmonization of redevelopment options with furniture. Adjustments 2-3 days
4 phase

(2-5 нед.)
3D Visualization 1. Photorealistic 3D visualization proektiruemyh premises. At this point, you can see how it will look your home, office, cafe or other
public space after the implementation of our design project
2-5 Weeks
5 phase

(2-3 дн.)
statement 1. Matching interior design, adjustments 2-3 days
6 phase

(2-3 Week)
1. After the redevelopment plan with the knowledge of door and window openings
2. Layout radiators, underfloor heating
3. Floor plan, statement of flooring
4. The plan ceiling. components and sections
5. Lighting plan with reference switches
6. Layout of power low-voltage sockets
7. Sweep the walls of bathrooms with tile layout
8. Sweep the walls of other rooms
9. Statement decoration
2-3 Weeks
7 phase

(all repairs)
1. Selection of our designer furniture, lighting, finishing
finishing materials.
all repairs



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